Why You Shouldn’t Cheat AdSense

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat AdSense
- by Fernando Hal

If you applied for AdSense account with intention to cheat and earn fast bucks, I hope by now you have understood that you shouldn’t.

Why? You say. Google is so rich, losing some pennies won’t hurt.

Well. Probably. But when I say you shouldn’t, trust me. You really shouldn’t. These are just some reasons:

1. You can’t cheat Google

Every once in while, someone will comes out with ingenious idea of how to get more money from AdSense in less than honorable ways. He will announce to the whole world, posting in every forum and tell people how smart he is. His idea is always untraceable by Google, it is always original, and it always gives easy money.

What he doesn’t know is, few months after that, he will get caught by Google, always. And his AdSense account will be disabled. Always. And he is banned from ever applying for AdSense account again. Always.

Google is a giant, with 2005 revenue of almost US$ 10 billions, and profits of more than US$ 1 billion. A large chunk of this comes from Adwords / AdSense advertisements.

More click fraud means less trust, less advertisers and less money, to the extent that if unsolved it will bring collapse to pay-per-click advertisement business. Now. Do you think Google will let you jeopardize their billion dollar business model?

They have money and ability to bring together many of the the smartest and brightest engineers and scientists on earth, has been doing that and will continue to do so. How smart do you think you are that you can outsmart collaborative effort of the brightest brains?

You might be able to pull through for two or three months, but eventually the fraud detection algorithm will catch up and you are caught. And you get banned from Google AdSense, among other things.

2. Cheating = stealing

No matter how you want to justify, face it, cheating is stealing. You are not only stealing from Google, but also from Adwords publishers. Majority of these are are not big companies, but small webmasters depending on Internet to make a living.

Moreover, even if your morality (or lack thereof) permits stealing from your own fellow, bear in mind that stealing is illegal. Regardless of whether it is done offline or online, a crime is a crime. You might get jailed for that.

In fact, Google has started to bring AdSense fraudsters to court a few months ago. Some were jailed, and some others were fined heavily.

3. It is just too easy to earn more, legally

Let’s say you managed to cheat AdSense undetected. You don’t use clickbot or proxy or click-ring or paid clickers. You managed to somehow get the clicks from distributed IP. You don’t use pop-ups, spyware, adware. You are careful that your CTR does not exceed 10%. Still, your earning is limited. There is a cap you can’t cross, else you will invite unwanted attention to your account.

With so much effort to cover your traces, actually you will get better result if you concentrate your effort to improve the website.

Write more contents, submit articles, improve on your search engine optimisation, improve adsense placement, and you can get the same earning or even more. Sure it will take some time, but this is legitimate.

46 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Cheat AdSense”

  1. I won’t deny I’ve been a little tempted to cheat once in a while, but the risks aren’t worth it. I didn’t make a site just to make money anyway.

  2. Hi john, Spirit & Noobeek,
    Glad that you like the article.

    @Spirit – To be frank, it has crossed my mind too to cheat Google. After i realised the many reason why I shouldn’t, this blog was born.

  3. Google adsense doesn’t ban you because they know you cheat, they ban you because you are danger to there advertisers, it could be a crazy idiot is everytime clicking all your ads, result you get banned, and don’t believe they will unban you.

  4. That makes sense, however I think Google has better prevention mechanism. If that is what happen, Google will soon run out of publishers because of some people sabotaging others site.
    In my Adsense report, from time to time I will see sudden burst of clicks, for example from normal CTR of 2% jump to 20%. Believe it or not, there is no increase in the total earning. Somehow Google filter out those fraudulent clicks and thus no earning is credited.

  5. Ive been tempted myself to click but who wants to just cheat and earn when you can have a popular site that earns you money all year round. Put the time and effort in and the gain will far exceed your expectations, thats why im trying to build this site http://www.bigweblinkexchange.com aswell if I can get people to join, it will help all involved with free links Ive even taken the buy credits feature off so people earn impressions by referring or posting links and not wasting money.

  6. This is a great article. everything u say is totally true..
    I was wondering though, can someone make real good earnings from adsense. I hear now and then about people earning 100$ per day. Is that even possible?
    if u like post your daily earning and the number of site you own to compare.
    mine’s 1,5-2$/day, i run 3 sites.

  7. Hi,

    I wrote the article about 3 years ago when I was just started in Adsense. My earning on those days ways like your, just few dollars a day. Three years on, now I earn over $100 almost every day, sometimes even more than $200 in a day. That, however is an exceptional rather than normal day. I have 4 sites on Adsense, about 95% of the earnings are from 3 sites, cheatad.com is the least.

  8. Yes this is true and have seen people in such illegal work… though that looks too lucrative but no one succeeds… once in a while a mistake is bound to happen and everything is lost… infact if websites are optimised properly and even if u rank on the 10th page of google… u still get a decent amount of clicks and good earning…

  9. Wow $100 dollars a day? Wow, I don’t even see that happening. So the more the sites the better? All I want to pay is my hosting fee and I’ll be happy :)

  10. hi one more thing can u tell your other 3 sites name ??
    so i can see them and leran something and u have any suggestion for my site or for ad sens …..i hv one more site its my company website http://www.crestcreationz.com if u hv any work then you can contact me……

  11. 100 % Agree, but really small individuals do it to get extra money without any efforts … that should be avoided,

    there should be way of good adsense to verify phone, address, website ownership etc.
    may this can help to prevent frauds.

  12. Yes it will help reduce the fraud, but even that will be merely making a small dent in number of fraud. It all boils down to mentality of a lot of people who wants quick result with no work.

  13. Fernando – I totally disagree – people CAN and DO cheat Google BIGTIME. What is more Google doesn’t really care because they can sit back and make a c. 30% commission on the dishonesty of others.

    Since Jan 2011 my company loveandfriends.com has wasted £7k = c. $10,000 of Google “search partner network” ads that have delivered me practically no revenue and just a load of really low quality/fake/robot traffic. I’ve reported this to Google but they think the traffic is ‘fine’.

    They won’t tell me what tests they’ve done or even what ‘partner search’ sites I was advertised on as it’s all ‘secret’. What possible legitimate reason can you have for not saying what sites we are paying to be on? If we – the customer – knew we’d be poking around on these sites and see what dodgy/fishy stuff was going on and be alerting google and wanting a refund. They don’t want that. Ignorance is bliss as far as Google is concerned. Loads of companies – big and small – chuck money at google and don’t do the analysis we did and so are still in ignorance I am sure.

    People can use variations on the tricks you’ve mentioned and just be a bit more subtle/clever and they’ll get away with it. My experience is proof of this.

    If I were so inclined I could hookup some modified clickBot software to a BOTNET of hacked computers and make $100k annually easy peasy. Actually I could blag $1million and get away with it I’m pretty sure. …but let’s not be too greedy $100k annually would slip under their radar.

    I am sure Google will stop the simple scams …but ones that are a bit more subtle/clever will get through. Google don’t tell you this of course – is all hidden behind a wall of secrecy.

    People have variously commented that click fraud is a $1 billion industry. Maybe they exaggerate and is only $500 million ;-)

    Seriously, though. If ‘only’ say $100 million click fraud is done through Google – this makes Google $30 million extra pure profit as they rake in 30% commission of this.

    Is similar to dating sites. On our dating site loveandfriends.com (nb free upgrade/membership for anyone that emails me andy@loveandfriends.com!) we take pride that we do everything possible to stop dating scammers. We stop the simple ones and the clever ones. One of two clever ones get through but we do really nail them eventually.

    Not so all dating sites. It is actually profitable to let the clever scammers use your site – because they write endless emails to all the less attractive people and these people then pay the site to upgrade to write back. The point of the scammer is to get the victim to send them money but en route they trigger upgrades. Hence less ethical dating sites turn a blind eye to scammers. The dodgy dating sites make a big song and dance about stopping the (simple) scammers. They don’t mention that they know full well more sophisticated ones are successfully operating.

    I have in the last 2 months sadly come to believe Google is basically acting like a “dodgy” dating site

  14. TL;DR: Google is an entity far more powerful than are we. It collects data on virtually every aspect of our lives. People, just succumb and accept more honest work. It’s like trying to sell drugs – high risk, high effort, okay reward. It’s just silly considering a few hundred dollars a month is all that is at stake.

  15. And what if some one opens my website in tor and start clicking at adds ? if my website is banned then who is responsible for that? it means we can cheat Google to block and banned websites of others ?

    It is still your responsibility to monitor your web traffic and clicks, and report to google team if you find anything suspicious.

  16. its really like you stealing money of your starving brother. we are a classified website with very good local traffic but a very little adsense income but we improve our website a lot in last few month and now we are on track of good income.

  17. How ever big or giant google may be, there are still some flaws in their tracking system.

    What if I, along with 3-4 of my other friends start clicking at your asense ads on your webpage and get you banned??? how will you convince them to unban you??????????

  18. its really like you stealing money of your starving brother. we are a classified website with very good local traffic but a very little adsense income but we improve our website a lot in last few month and now we are on track of good income

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