Quick Apply Google AdSense Account

Quick Apply Google AdSense Account
- by Fernando Hal

Your AdSense account application might have been rejected. To get the AdSense account approved quickly, apply via blogger.com

Here is step-by-step for applying AdSense account via blogger:

1. First, go to http://www.blogger.com and sign up for a new account. Do as normal registration. Fill in the details like username, password, etc.

Blogger registration

2. Fill in your blog information
Blogger registration 3

3. Choose a template

Blogger choose template

4. Now, your blogger account is ready.

Blog created

5. Write a post. Preferably this will be useful content, with subtle indications of long-term survivability of the blog. For example, you can write “This is the first part of 10-part series optimizing AdSense. For more tips about AdSense optimization, visit again in a day or two.”

6. When you are done, publish the post. Write 2 or 3 more posts.
7. Now, it’s time for the AdSense account. Click “Template” tab on top of the page. It will show your current page template code.

Template AdSense

8. Then, just below the Template tab, choose AdSense. It will now display the AdSense application form.

AdSense Registration

9. Fill in all the details and click “Create Account“. Probably, it will display an error saying “The specified email address is already in use.” That is specially if you used this email address on your rejected AdSense application. Apply using another email address. You can get a GMail invite here.
AdSense Email Error
10. If everything goes well, you will see AdSense block on top of your page now.

AdSense Format & Color

11. Choose the ad format and color that match your template. Read the 100 Google AdSense Tips. Then, Save. Your pages will be republished, now with the AdSense blog.


Now, your job is done. You’ll get confirmation letter from AdSense team in 1 or 2 days.

30 thoughts on “Quick Apply Google AdSense Account”

  1. Does Google ask for an address or other personal info? Is it just E-mail and language? How would they know where to send a check (if you make any money…)?

  2. Yes. After you get the account you can update your personal information. Take note that you cannot change your name and country after that. So make sure you key in correct information.


    FOR DETAILS CONTACT:aero601069@gmail.com

  4. if you want to earn thousands of dollars then send a simple email showing your name
    plz mention in subject line this word (online employment application)

  5. Google adsense has now sticted hi TOS that even very experienced person can’t get google adsense account by just making registeration to their sites
    i was also trying the same thing to get adsense account but failed!!!
    This is happening just due to the scamming of google adsense account and adsense websites by few people over the internet
    When i tired of rejection of my google adsense account approval process
    Then i got one person who gave me approval of genuine adsense account if u also want genuine google adsense account contact him

  6. Hello!!
    I need some help!!
    Should i use my normal gmail account which i m using on different websites for publisher ads or something else or should i use my new different gmail account for applying adsense???
    Any help will be appreciated..

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