How Google Detects AdSense Invalid Clicks

Still thinking to cheat AdSense? Stop that. It will never bring you anywhere. You might pull it off with smaller ads network, but definitely not with Google. Here are some detection methods they might use. At the very least, they have the resources to do so.

IP Address
If the AdSense click is originated from the same IP Address as the one used for accessing your AdSense account, your account is flagged.

Most home users do not use static IP Address for Internet connection. In most cases just disconnect and reconnect will give you a new IP Address. But don’t forget, Google has set cookies on your computer.

Other Google Services
Thinking that you are safe just because you do not access your AdSense account? Think again. This time, consider these: GMail, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Google Desktop, Blogger, and so on, and so on. With the wide range of services they provide, Google can trace the originator of most (or probably almost all) clicks.

Click Pattern 1
Oh, why this computer / IP address / person is so trigger-click-happy on this particular website but never click on the ads on other sites?

Click Pattern 2
And why is it that people accessing these sites direct (type-in URL or from bookmark) tend to be very active ad-clickers compared with those referred from search engine or other sites?

Click Pattern 3
And why the ad-clickers like to hit and run, compared with non ad-clickers that surf a few pages before leaving?

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Your CTR may range from 0.5% to 10%, but if it exceeds a certain point (probably around 10%), you are flagged.

Used Urchin (Google Analytics) before? Then you should know that Google can trace traffics origin down to the small town. Different IP doesn’t mean much. Unless you site is really targetted to one small geo-point, a high number of clicks from nearby location will get you banned quickly.

Hardware address?
MAC address of the LAN card, modem, and router works almost like a fingerprint. I’m not sure if Google can track this, but probably they do. They have rocket scientist, remember?

Advertisers conversion rate
Ad click is one thing. But does it bring value to the advertisers? If none of the clicks on your site translate to conversion to the advertiser, you are in trouble. First the Smart-Pricing hits, then your AdSense account disabled.

Search Engine Ranking
Your website is not indexed on any search engine, not linked by any prominent website, but get consistently high traffic? That sounds like something is in play. Regardless of whether it is an adware-embedded software, spam, trojan clickbot, or intentionally installed click-exchange network, it doesn’t sound right.

Webpage design
How about the “click here” or “support us”? Google has the best search engine in the world. Is it really that hard to find those words?

Each of these detection methods might seem rather weak. But combine them together, and not many click-fraud can pass-through these filters. Even the smartest clickbot will have a hard time.

In short, it is almost impossible to cheat AdSense in the long term. Instead of spending time, money, and effort trying to outsmart Google, try these tips to improve your AdSense earning.

Disclaimer : I’m not working for Google nor in anyway know anyone inside Google. Google might or might not use these methods to detect click-fraud. I’d believe that they have much better detection mechanism.

92 thoughts on “How Google Detects AdSense Invalid Clicks”

  1. Great post as usual, only one niggle – the MAC Address will not be visible to Google unless you are on the same LAN segment as them :)
    MAC Addresses are not re-transmitted by routers so the MAC Address of your router/modem is only visible to the next router in the link, usually your ISP.

  2. So because you have ““click here” or “support us”” in your article (and now in this comment), do you think Google will flag your site for it? That’d be ironic.

  3. That sounds logical, but Google prides it’s search engine ability to calculate location and context of text in the pages. Thus, probably they know the text does not refer to asking visitors to click on the ads.

    Besides, they have human reviewers, that probably come to your site after a number red flags.

  4. Hi Fernando, This is the first time, I’m reading your blog… Great one!!! I’m inserting your URL in my feedreader now…

    The “Geolocation” point is absolutely true and I guess Google must work strongly on this point…

    Good one, frd!!!

  5. One thing you got wrong is that google makes money from fake clickers. So its not google that is looking for frauds… but the advertisers. Google lets them self-police. Google will not touch your account or care much about anything you just mentioned until they get a compaint from advertisers. Google makes over $300 million a year from fraud clicks… tell me they dont want that money.

  6. Great Report!!!
    Just tell me what if CTR is more than 10% even if the clicks are genuine? What if there are genuine conversions too? How google tracks these conversions?

  7. Fernando, don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound like a loser. That is, you have a very defeatist attitude which will always ensure that you will lose. Just because you were unable to cheat Google doesn’t mean that no one can. Unless you delete this post (which you probably will) I want others to know that it IS possible to win. I’m living proof. And I’m no computer genius. I’m just persistent and thorough… and I refuse to lose. I hope some of you out there will join me. It takes guts, but you can do it. :)

  8. Iv read many people saying dont fraud google and stuff like that but there is one way they always forget to mention… Ever heard of a proxy. They are google’s nightmare. If you click your ads through a proxy google will not be able to trace it to you and you could scam thousands a month off them. If you clicked your own ads all day and made false impressions you could get thousands a day. Just thought you guys might like to know this :P

  9. Sam,using a proxy is not enough and google can easily track you because google adsense works only if your java script is on, and if its on then google can track your computer,operating system,local time zone,lenguage and most of all dont forget about INDEX.DAT file that store all information about your surfing. But I guarantee you that there is a way to all this.(sorry for my English)

  10. yaaaaaaaaaa i used to click fraud then i got banned but damn i made alot of money ;) oh yeaah.
    Comment by yo 08.29.08 @ 9:48 pm ”

    Well you didnt receive the money once you click fraud they stop payment and disable account. you can not even cash the checks If you received it

  11. First Good Article with good information. I have told people myself some of these to stop asking for people to click their ads, just take the time to promote, promote and also do things like this, comments on other sites.

    Second, YES Mac addresses can be traced through the routers, I know this because I learned how to do this when I was in school for my Computer Network Engineer Associates degree. Routers Mac Addresses are tracable. Those do not need to be on the same LAN. The ones the can only see when on the same LAN are the computers in that NETWORK.

    Third great artical thank you for the link to the tips.

  12. Great article… I was clicking on one or two ads from my site because genuinely I found them interesting. I even bought something from them. It sounded odd that they would flag me for that. But now that I know, I’ll never do it again!

    Now, visit my website and click on my ads so I can at least earn enough to buy a cup of coffee! lol oh! specially on weekends! lol

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  14. Can someone tell me how to CHEAT Google through Adsense please? They are making too much money already, let me at least make a tiny fraction outta it. Mail me at ttoye97atyahoodotcom

  15. I heard about some clickers network from all over the world, where people click your ads form diff locations across the globe. That would be nice, don’t u think? If u know any drop a mail ttoye97atyahoodotcom

  16. hi/
    dear i want to to know how i get genuine clicks……………..
    i was working for 5 mounth……… still i dint get any pay… may be invalid clicks……………. so plzz guid me a simple and nice way 4 erning by the adsene………
    thnks…. sani

  17. im blogging for more than 5 months, and just recently i started getting clicks, i want to know that will my site be verified at the point of issuing payment ?

  18. Hi Sammy,

    I don’t see Adsense ads on your blog in the sig. Google constantly check Adsense sites with their crawler, and there may be staff assigned to randomly check on sites as well…

    Update: I just saw it, the Adsense link unit. I would suggest taking out the Adbrite block and change it to Adsense instead for 2 reason:
    1. Adsense pays much better than Adbrite
    2. You shouldn’t have anything that looks similar with Adsense ads in the same pages as Adsense. It is violation of Adsense policy

  19. thanks alot mate,
    what is that mean ? “I don’t see Adsense ads on your blog in the sig”

    and yeah i have to admit i clicked on my ads for a few times back in april…….will my adsense will be blocked coz im nearing my 1st payment…

  20. Lots of publishers are banned just before they receive their first Adsense payment, so in this case it may happen to you also.

    I think the best way will be to come clean with Google, send an email to tell them, apologize about that, and hope for the best. They will probably recheck on your earning and remove the earning from invalid clicks. Even banning your account is a possibility, but this will be your safest bet.

  21. thanks a lot fernando,

    one more question, i have parsed my adsense code….so that i can show them in the post body……is it legal ?
    i see you have done the same……

    your help will be greatly appreciated……


  22. you can show Adsense in the post body. There are actually a number of wordpress plugins to do that. I’m not sure about blogspot though. But you cannot change the adsense code.


  24. I wish I read this article before I get banned. I was new to this, so I was young and stupid, just found out about google adsense. I got a couple $ and curious “what if I click a couple time, they wouldn’t notice” I got as far as $20 in several days. Then.. “BANG” busted! so.. gentlemen don’t make the same mistake I made. it’s not worth it.

  25. Click fraud is used by mainly those people who come to blog for money only, they consider it like an employment opportunity, they have the greed and ultimately falls into the trap.
    I hate to generalize, not everyone is same. My AdSense account is 5 yrs old, I never clicked on any of the ads. Be nice with Google, they’ll be nice with you too.

  26. Great education, thanks for this public service.
    Let’s all continue to make Adsense such a great advertiser’s tool.

  27. Can you tell me if it is ok to change the colours and the position of the wording for Google Custom Search. Is that in the rules? I cant seem to find anything that says I cant change it except that you are not allowed to tamper with the code, except for colour. Its all a little confusing and I do wish they were a little clearer. I have changed it on my site, but I dont want to incurr the wrath of Google and risk a ban, so if I have done wrong then I really need to know. lol

  28. You are not allowed to modify the code. That includes changing the color and position by modifying the code. This rule, I believe is mostly to avoid changes that break the script. However, I don’t see anyone getting banned from doing simple modifications, as long as done properly and doesn’t cause the script to break.

  29. Hi, I lost my adsence account for too many clicks, well I just did it to see how the clicking works, but by that time adsence account was cancelled by them. since then I am trying to again get adsence by appliying in different names but same IP address. But still no luck, all my attepts were in vain as it was rejected . Once u get rejected do they ever approve a account, atleast after some time?

  30. Unfortunately for you, and fortunately to the advertisers, Google pay a lot of attention to small publishers. In fact, if you run large sites, Google can probably ignore a couple of inadvertent clicks, but not if you run small sites.

  31. I have been reading through a lot of articles about click fraud. You address the issues at hand well. Take for instance some you left out, you might find useful guys.

    I cannot believe people still try it on… just read the Adsense TOS, that is why it is there, so you can avoid the pitfalls.

    Nobody can steal from Google anymore, just forget it and concentrate on making your site successful – Google give you the tools for free in many respects, they don’t have to do this. They could just roll out the program to large companies and still make a fortune… you are lucky to have a large company such as Google working with you for next to nothing… use it, obey the rules and you will eventually make money.

    It is not going to happen in a month unless you are truly a niche or very very lucky!

  32. Actually, back in 2008 I’ve been in good situation receiving adsense income but when I got caught on fraud clicks, yeah, I got banned definitely. After lesson learned i tried registering another account but all of my attempts are failed. I said to myself I will try and try until I get one and after that I will behave and take care of that adsense account. I will never click it myself. And you know what after 2 years, I got approved.

  33. Look like Google pretty smart , the more you fraud click, then next time Google may more easy to analysis fraud click from your site. That why more blogger would like to look for other adsense and merchant would like to look for Google Adsense.

  34. Ya a lot of people do try to cheat, I am sure.

    However, Google will invalidate anyone who clicks and didn’t like what they see. Half my clicks are not paid, and there is no way to contact Google that I know. They have a wall up so nobody can ask questions.

    I don’t cheat and never have – I think some people click on an add and quickly determine their not interested and Google thinks this is a false click – they really don’t care if it was real.

  35. People need to stop thinking Asense is just easy free money. Money is never easy to get. In order to get money it requires work. If you dont have traffic on your site, dont get adsense. Work to get traffic.

  36. Well! i agree with you but maybe you don’t know every thing google do track fraud.But here in our country its like a business.I have meet people with 100 adsence accounts.There job is adsence they earn thousands of money on monthly basis doing fraud with google i think every thing is possible but if we have the right knowledge and right tools for doing this even my account was disable and I was not able to get another one when i tell those guys they give me a new account just in houre and also told me the trick how to make new one on same ip addres and how google will approve that in just hour.So Google is noting

  37. hi there thnx for ur input
    how can we put our sites to visitors
    what is ur advice
    we see people making so much money
    how r they doing that
    thnx again

  38. You ain’t kidding about them. If they have any idea that you are linked to your website clicking on ads they will black list your ip and your websites. be very careful. I have noticed if you click from different wifis they give you credit.

  39. I got a computer and a laptop, I made my adsense Account on the computer but I logged once on the laptop my question is can I click on my Ads on the laptop?

    No, you cannot click on your ads, anywhere.

  40. I Know How To Get Adsense Aprove in 24 hours.Also How To Click Your Owns Ads And Get Credit All Works With Google Apps And Browsers.I Don’t Know If Thats Legal Since All Programs Are From Google

    Be my guess and try it yourself. Just don’t blame anyone when you get banned.

  41. Although, some of the points are truly fantastic but what is our fault when user clicks on the ad and leaves.

    It’s not your fault, really. But why would so many people be interested to click but noone is interested enough to browse a minute or two?

  42. I think I’m very lucky because I clicked my ads two times in coincidence (on the same day) but I didn’t get kicked. Probably because it was my first day, and it was not my intention to click on it.

  43. i never get banned from adsense although most of the clicks are from my own generated bot.
    even i know the method to get adscense account in 12.hrs
    those who get banned can send me mail so that i can make a adsense account for them and also tell the way i m earning from 2 years cheating google for just $12 U.S.D . MY email id is
    my site:: it is a SEO site.

  44. The more google tries to prevent fraudsters, the smarter these fraudsters become.. They learn, they adapt and they work around the problem. Why shouldn’t everyone just follow the basic rules, then there wouldn’t be more rules right? Its a Never-ending cycle.

  45. Yeah its a great self created warning from author but claimed as on behalf of Google… lolx everything is possible.

    Every 1 can cheat Google if he has ability :p

  46. All above detecting invalid clicks seem valid. But Google can not track mac address or physical address at all. Physical address resides in layer 2 and never cross this boundary to layer 3. So when the packet travels through network from one router to another then they do not carry mac address with them. Mac are only used on local network to identify unique node that should receive the packet.

  47. I have different problem.
    My website got banner from google adsense for large number of clicks. But I have not done it. Not sure how and where are they coming from.
    Is there a way to detect if any program is doing it ?

  48. several clicks on my adsense do not give us revenue, i don’t know why, just about 50% that given us revenue..
    thanks for information

  49. hi guyz…if i click my own adsense blog or wepsite they cancel the account????
    and if one another person i mean my cousin clicks again and again for me then its safe or not???

  50. Thanks for this useful information… I’m new for adsense and don’t know hows it’s work…… if anybody doing invalid clicks on my ads then are also lost my adsense account ???

  51. Guys, by own clicks, too many people earn money from adsense.I am wondered about what is the worst thing can we experience in this job, except getting a ban for our adsense account.I heard that when we start to draw money from adsense they can sue.Is this possible?

  52. If you lose your adsense account and even if you don’t, the best adsense alternative is Kalooey Ads. It’s better than adsense. They give you instant payouts AND they are a search engine, so sooner or later their cost per click may be as high as Google’s. These guys are gonna be huge.

  53. Hi
    Now a days I am listening about TOR Browser .
    Will it work ?
    Anybody using it for clicking their own ads ?

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