Facebook: Please Enter A Valid Email Address

Recently I wanted to register a new Facebook account, using the address info_AT_alfanhendro.com . However when submitting it to Facebook it says ‘Please enter a valid email address” . Upon some searching, apparently the reason is due to Facebook restricting certain generic word for the prefixes. After changing to another email address, it works.

Here is some information from a Facebook page about the error message “Please Enter A Valid Email Address”

Unfortunately we do not support email addresses with generic prefixes (e.g. info@, webmaster@, etc.). Since email addresses of this nature are typically used for organizations and businesses, we do not allow them to be used for personal Facebook accounts. You will need to use a personal email address that does not contain this type of prefix. There are no exceptions to this rule.

10 thoughts on “Facebook: Please Enter A Valid Email Address”

  1. Wow ! That finally solve it. It’s ridiculous. Why can’t Facebook put a better error message? Crazy….

  2. They have an option for businesses to set up a page but will not take a standard email address that would be used by System Administrators (admin@, info@ etc), so what is the point in offering businesses this service…NONE! Facebook have become the corporate giant that couldn’t care less what people think of them…

  3. I think the reason they are forcing this is so that more people use their personal email to login to Facebook. It is much more valuable than having the nameless accounts.

  4. What makes it worse is that “wastebook” doesn’t even have a telephone support number. I found one with a search but it turns out it was a generic support number for several companies – manned by a bunch of ragheads in bengalore india who I couldn’t understand. Can’t they hire street people in the U.S. to man these help desk locations. At least I can understand them!

    This Negative Experience has put a BITTER TASTE IN MY MOUTH about joining “wastebook” because I’m NOT about to change MY practices (my business email address that starts with “info” for this weenie jew mark jerkoberg and his merry band of data mining thieves. Screw you all!

    I encourage everyone to find another resource that better meets your business needs. After thinking it over, I don’t need a bunch of losers who I don’t know (and could care less about) dropping out of the sky asking to be my friend.

    Ya wanna really be my friend? Send me twenty frigging dollars to my paypal account.

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