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Does Bing Have Content Advertising Network Like Google’s Adsense?
by Fernando Hal (

Unknown by many publishers, the answer is “Yes”. But before that, if you have not been following the news lately, Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft, marketed as the “decision engine”, aimed to help Internet users make decisions. Continuing the momentum from a good start, Bing has slowly increased their search market share, amounting to almost 10% of US search market as of July. With the recent deal with Yahoo, the combined search market share for Bing works out to slightly above 20%.

Microsoft Advertising

Propelled by Bing’s success, many website owners and publishers have been asking whether there is content advertising network for publishers, akin to Google Adsense, to monetize webpages with ads from Bing advertisers.

Microsoft ads serving is not new, but previously reserved only for larger publishers, like Facebook . Microsoft also serve ads to popular websites in their network, like, and In the past, Microsoft also sell ads for Digg .

Although not as popular as Google’s Adsense or Yahoo’s YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network), small publishers can actually join the Microsoft advertising network, called Microsoft PubCenter. Please note that, as of now, Microsoft PubCenter (or the Bing’s Adsense) is only open to publishers based in US. It is unknown yet when the PubCenter will be opened for international publishers.

Microsoft PubCenter Beta

What the future holds for the Bing Adsense?
As Microsoft is showing even more seriousness to fight with Google for advertising revenue, we expect that Microsoft will be spending significant resources to quickly develop and enhance the Microsoft PubCenter (probably renaming it as Bing PubCenter in the process) and open up to more webmasters, including international publishers.

How is the Yahoo-Microsoft deal going to affect Microsoft PubCenter?
With the Yahoo – Microsoft deal, another big possibility is that Microsoft is going to dump all their advertising resources and hand over the advertising sales to Yahoo. That’s means the Microsoft PubCenter will become part of the Yahoo Publisher Network. And then, hopefully, with pressure from Microsoft, Yahoo will open up YPN for international publishers sooner.

What do you think more likely to happen? Tell us at the comment below !

20 thoughts on “Bing Adsense”

  1. If Bing wants to fight Google, I hope they invest the resources to develop and incentivate the Microsoft Pubcenter. With a little bit of customer service (something Google adsense never practiced), thay may attract many medium and small publishers all over the world.
    I am looking forward to using this content platform in Europe :-)

  2. Apparently, Microsoft never understand what makes Google truly successful; that is going after huge number of small publishers and small advertisers. I doubt we will be seeing serious effort from Microsoft to woo small publishers anytime soon.

  3. They’re already off to a bad start by not allowing you to use their AdCenter with any browser other than IE. Utter stupidity!

  4. I can login to bing publisher but it kicks me back out ?

    Cannot find any answer from Bing on it’s publisher network

  5. Anyone know what the actual link is where you sign up for a Bing Publisher account? Or Yahoo? Google AdSense kicked me off with no explanation and took all of my money.

  6. I hope that this display network is available in Canada. Everyone is getting sick of Google having a monopoly. Today my ads were declined because of no apparent reason and now it takes 3 days for some representative to recheck my site before approval. With competition comes better customer service. Right now Google can treat you however they want and you have no choice but to comply.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip. I tried the Bing Publisher Centre but they mentioned display devices (Windows 8, iPhone) not quit sure what that means. Have contated them so hopefully I will be able to display ads to my site ( soon.


  8. Looking forward for Bing Ads, Google on the side screwing every adsense publishers, if Microsoft takes step towards considering ads for small publishers it will be great.

  9. i cannot understand how to get its ad codes for my website, can anyone guide me about this?????

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