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Join Adsense Click Exchange Network/ Adsense Click Ring Network
by Fernando Hal (

I have never condoned Adsense Click Exchange or any other ways of cheating Google Adsense. Many articles are in fact written to discourage people from cheating Adsense. It’s very surprising indeed, after all the articles that I have written, there are still so many peoples looking to join such network. Even in comments of my articles there are request of such.

What is AdSense Click Exchange network?
Adsense click exchange networks are groups of people who gather with the main purpose of clicking each other AdSense advertisements, in effect cheating Google Adsense programme.

From how to cheat google adsense

Joining this click-ring network means that your website address will be made known to members, who will regularly browse the website and click on your AdSense ads. In exchange, you will also browse other members’ sites and click on their AdSense ads. The medium used varies. Some click-ring groups use mail-list for communications. Some are using bulletin boards/forum, Yahoo groups, or Usenet. IRC is another popular way.

Example of the request to join Adsense Click Network

I am interested in becoming a member for an adsense ring after reading the comment by Jimmy. Email address: (removed)

Why you shouldn’t join Adsense click networks?
Easy. Because that is stealing. It is illegal. Every dollar you managed to get from cheating Adsense is two dollars stolen from Adwords publishers.

If that is not enough reason, read why you shouldn’t cheat google adsense (hint: you’ll get caught)

23 thoughts on “Adsense Click Exchange”

  1. click exchange is my favorite to earn huge dollar from adsense.. through facebook i invite my friend to click exchange :)

  2. But did you actually managed to get any payout? Lots of publisher I have spoken with were actually very confident that their advanced method will work, until they receive the Adsense disabled email.

  3. Everyday I browse articles like this everyday, I’m not trying to discourage people from trying cheats like this, but this is very gullible, I am affiliated with google adsense and I am not really worried about the money because it takes time, motivation and hard work to make money with adsense. It takes about 6 months to really start seeing the big checks rolling in. Cmon there are plenty of resources like technorati and blogxplosion to get a lot of traffic. There isn’t a such thing as a quick scheme to make money online it takes patience and eventually google WILL find out especially if you signed up with google analytics. Have a good day, smh! :(

  4. I also used to do the same but I now do not do this because I felt the problem when I published ads with adwords.No one realizes until they face it themselves.

  5. Hi all,
    I have created a site (it’s in very beta mode) that works according the Google Adsense policy.

    It’s simple. You register and add you link, randomically on your page appear 3 links that you can click.
    When you click on a link a new tab is opened WITH THE SITE and not with the advertisement, that you can decide to help someone that probably is helping you by clicking.

    This is legal. It’s not an AdSense Click Exchange but only a “site Exchange”.

    The link is (I finished coding 2 minutes ago so at the moment there are not a great numbers of users, I’m posting around the link)

    If someone have some idea to improve the site do not hesitate to contact me.


  6. Hi,
    I just created a new website where you can share your site link and other people can visit your site and click on your banner
    It’s ALL LEGAL because it’s not a click exchange program but a link share.

    If (and only if) visitors like the advirtisement MAY click. And you can do the same.

    The link is

    It’s very simple (hand-made) site, totally free.

  7. Agar Ads clicking ke lya aik huge group bana lya jaye. tu yeh mumkin hai. fOR example agar 100 peoples ka group banaya hai tu. har group members ko hundred sites ki aik file bana ke send ki jaye click karne ke lya. es file mein har members ki aik aik site ka address ho. Phir har members yeh files apas mein exchange kr le lay har roz. Lekin koshish karen ke google clicking group mein mein different countries ke bhi members lazmi lya jayein tak internation ips bhi count hon.
    Mein ne aik aisa hi group bana ne ki koshish kar raha hun
    please join and help me.

  8. we have made a ad click exchange group so people can make money exchanging ad clicks with eachother you will get around 2$ each click exchange (adsense & bidtraffic) and its free for everyone if u want to join ad me on skype: clicksexchange
    tier 1 countries only

  9. Alright, thankyou for letting me know that click EXCHANGE exists!!! Now on to joining one … AND FYI if you ask me the GOvernments are the crooks stealing our damn tax money so FUCK them and their system!!!

  10. i like your comments. But i would like to ask from all you people that if there is a adsense clicks exchang group then please tell me. thanks

  11. Thanks for this blog. I have managed to reach your blog via Google search and it seems that you are doing a great job attracting traffics that you deserve. Now that you have the traffics, have you ever consider how do you intend to milk it for profit? I am certain that most of us are here to make money. The only reason why click fraud occurs is because of money. However if we can share methods whereby all of us can profit through legal means in this blog, that will be great. I am certain no one will resolve to cheating if they can earn an honest living.

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