Life is a(n RPG) game

I’m not a gamer. Never hooked to any RPG game, my days of gaming started and ended with SNES.

However, there is something I love about RPG. How similar it is with our life.

There is eXperience
There is level
There is health
There are coins
There are gems
There are items

We gain Xp by going through life events.
After we get certain number of Xp, we level up and gain new understanding/ability/skill.
Some life events may cause health to go up or down.
We may earn coins on some life events.
We may get some gems, sometimes by exchanging it with coins, but usually the most valuable gems must be earned through some specific actions.
We may get some items, either purchased or earned.

Xp always go up. When we gain Xp, often we gain coins as well. And often higher Xp allow us to gain coins faster.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes Xp doesn’t help in getting more coins. Sometimes we must use coins to gain xp. Sometimes coins are wasted on useless items. Coins can go up or down.

It is silly to base our worth on coins. It is one of the most impermanent things in the game of life. But that’s what most people often do.

Granted, at times coins can be helpful in gaining Xp.

Coins are also often important for improving health, which is very important if we want to keep on going or getting more Xp.

But always remember that coins are tools to the end, not the end by itself.

In any case, value what much or little coins that we have, don’t waste it, and don’t make it a priority either.

Gaining Xp and levelling up should be our priority in life. Travel out of country, start a business, taking on hard challenges, meet up wise people, reading great books, help others to grow, those are big Xp boosters.

We will collect gems along the way. Closest friends, loved ones, happy memories, those are invaluable gems. Value these and protect them with our utmost strenght.

Get items when it helps. Buy house, cars, gadgets, or whatever we need in furthering our venture. Again, remember that these are simply tools. Never let it dictate our worth.

Our real worth is our Xp.

After we accumulate certain Xp, we will level up. Each time that happens, we will understand more of things we couldn’t before. Actions from people above our level will start to make more sense. Books we have read before will now bring new insights. Questions that come to us will have deeper meanings.

Cherish that moment, and make it our motivation to rise to even higher level.

Two Kinds of Problems

In life, and in entrepreneurship journey, we face lots of problems every day. There are all sorts of problems that can come up, from the moment we wake-up till we sleep at night. And there are all kinds of categorization people put the problems in; big and small, personal and professional, easy and hard, to mention a few.

However, if we think carefully, there really are just two kinds of problems: solvable and unsolvable. Continue reading

Why I Joined Mensa

Note: this is my personal rambling and has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

Some weeks ago I chanced upon this article Talk Nerdy to Me: My Year in Mensa, where the author lambasted Mensans for playing games and puzzles instead of saving the world. Go on take a look, it is a fun read. But most importantly, read the comments posted by Mensans at the end of the article. Here I take liberty to quote some which I find are closest to my own experience in Mensa. Continue reading

Top Myths About Entrepreneurs

I was thinking to write top myths about entrepreneur, but looking around, I found one at Forbes which has written it a lot better than I would have.

Forbes has an article “10 Myths About Successful Entrepreneurs — Debunked” which I mostly agree with, except probably for some small details. The one that rings most true to me at this point of time is this: lots of people think entrepreneurs are risk seekers. That can’t be any further than truth. Entrepreneurs are in fact mostly very risk averse. We learn about risks, try to understand the risks, we tolerate, take and minimize certain risks, but we never seek out risks. Instead, we just think a little further and try to avoid risks longer down the road.

The other one I can relate very well is on the financial success. Many people think that financial success if what motivates entrepreneurs. It is not. Most entrepreneurs build business for something else. First for status and bragging rights, then they graduate to change the world. That is fortunate. Because after all, most entrepreneurs don’t succeed financially. For most entrepreneurs, if you count the total hours they spent building business, they would have probably earned more working same hours for others. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are exceptions, not the rule.

There are many more interesting entrepreunial myths. Go to Forbes to read it.

Raising Entrepreneur Kids

I have privilege of being born into a family with a small mom-and-pop shop. Since young, my siblings and I were trained to be entrepreneur by my parents, though it’s more incidental than conscious effort. It just happened that we need to help out every day after school, servicing customers, taking stocks, making pricing decisions. Hard work and long hours is imprinted into us (disclaimer: I’m the least hardworking among my siblings). We faced ups and downs of the business, and the consequences that goes with them. We learn about importance of money and cashflow management. Growing up, being entrepreneur become very natural choice. Working for others is understood as leaning opportunity and temporary stepping stone. Continue reading

Jakarta Flood 2013

These past few days, I experience the worst flood here since I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia 4 years ago. Many homes were flooded as high as 5 meters deep. While I’m fortunate that my house and my office nearby were not flooded, the streets and roads were flooded that I was practically trapped in the house. Many others are not so fortunate. More than 50000 people are displaced from their home. Many lives are lost.

The worst seems to be over, and hopefully so. Water has receded in most flooded area, though in some area such as Pluit, water is still 2 meters deep.

Another danger looms, with many evacuated from their homes lack basic necessities such clean water, food, baby diapers, clothes.

How you can help / Donation
I can’t find any international organization that have accepted donation as of now. There are a few Indonesian bank accounts which accept donation if you can do wire transfer.

Yayasan Buddha Tzuchi Indonesia
Beneficiary Name: Yayasan Buddha Tzuchi Indonesia
Bank Account Number: 865.002468.1
Bank Name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Bank Country: Indonesia
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Perhimpunan Indonesia Tionghua
Beneficiary Name: Perhimpunan Indonesia Tionghua
Bank Account Number: 194.300876.4
Bank Name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Bank Country: Indonesia
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

LAZIS Muhammadiyah
Beneficiary Name: LAZIS Muhammadiyah
Bank Account Number: 878.017117.1
Bank Name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Bank Country: Indonesia
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Palang Merah Indonesia (Redcross)
Beneficiary Name: Kantor Pusat PMI
Bank Account Number: 206.300668.8
Bank Name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Bank Country: Indonesia
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

I will be updating this list as I find more credible organisations accepting donation. Thanks for your help.